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1ST Quarterly Newsletter- January - March 2011

Greetings to everyone from Aticama, Bahia Matanchen, Nayarit, Mexico and welcome to our 1st ever Newsletter. Through this medium we hope to keep you informed of happenings here on our Bay.

We started the year off with our 2nd Annual Chili Cook-off Fundraiser for our spay and neuter clinics. This year we moved to a larger area, Playa Amor RV Park just outside of Aticama, on Playa Los Cocos. We had a great turnout, with an estimated 250 people attending, and sampled 4 different chilies prepared by:
- Aticama Veggie Team
- Team Los Cocos
- Team Miramar & Points North & South
- The "K" Team

Along with salads, corn bread and great cocoflan dessert, no one left hungry. We had live music during the afternoon supplied by Tim and Heather from Playa Los Cocos and Aticama. The Silent Auction and Plant Auction were a big success. Another great attraction was the "Wine Toss" where one attempted to toss a ring over a bottle of wine in order to win a bottle of wine. Look for more fun and games next year! Thanks to all who participated we were able to fund our 2 scheduled Spay and Neuter

Clinics in the area the following month.

Start stashing away your spare bottles of wine for next year's 3rd Annual Chili Cook-off and be on the lookout for good auction items!

SANTA CRUZ CLINIC: 26 - 29 FEB 2011 - Total 85 animals
24 male dogs
43 female dogs
5 male cats
12 female cats
1 pet raccoon

LA PALMA CLINIC: 9 - 12 MAR 2011 - Total 90 animals
22 male dogs
52 female dogs
1 male cat
15 female cats

Two very successful clinics were held; our 2nd clinic in the Santa Cruz area and our 1st clinic in La Palma, which is only 3 kms from Aticama. The veterinary team from PEACE was, as usual, competent and caring with the animals.

A great big thank you goes out to Fritz and Kay Baker for adopting a homeless dog that was brought into the Santa Cruz Clinic on the 1st day.

Thank you cannot be repeated often enough to everyone who participated and made these clinics successful:
- laundry services
- pick up and delivery of animals
- clinic personnel
- all those who provided lunches and treats everyday
- businesses providing meals and lodging for the vets

As a spin-off from these clinics we had Dr. Hector Lopez and wife Dr. Blanca from Jalcocotan as well as veterinarians from Santiago and Compostella attending our clinics with an interest in providing a similar program in their communities. A big thank you to Dr. Beltran for coming down from Tepic on Saturday and operating at the La Palma Clinic.

As a result of upwards of 60 animals identified during the last clinic that were ineligible for sterilization we are moving towards ongoing mini clinics during the 2011 summer months. Also we hope to contract with PEACE for a fall clinic in Aticama. For this we need your ongoing support! There is a Pay Pal link on our website; . Please visit the site for updates on all our projects.

Ways you can help that will be appreciated:
- Collect collars and leashes that can be easily mailed or sent with someone coming to Nayarit.
- Ask your veterinarian for outdated suture material and other items that can be easily mailed to us here in Mexico at: c/o Audrey Brown, Apdo # 75, San Blas, Nayarit, cp 63740, Mexico.
- Good used cages are always needed.

We are looking for suggestions for educational material in Spanish which can be used in the schools: Kinder, Primary, Secondaria and Prepatoria.

For Chili Cook-off photos, 2011 Clinic photos, upcoming projects, 1st Quarter Income & Expense Statement, and Wish Lists please visit our website:

Hope spring has arrived wherever you live and may you have a wonderful summer.

Audrey, Kate and Barb