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Teresa is currently caring for 15 dogs and 6 cats. We have a faithful monthly doner for dog food, we still need a doner for a monthly bag of catfood.

La seņora Teresa (or Teri as she prefers to be called) is a selfless, kind hearted animal lover who shows her commitment by inviting stray cats and dogs into her small home.
Living in La Palma, Teri has been doing rescue work for some time on her own and only recently did she contact BMA requesting some assistance in population control. She invited BMA into her casita to set up for a spay/neuter clinic and, albeit rustic, Dr. Beltran and the team performed several successful spay/neuter procedures and recoveries.
La seņora was very happy with the clinic BUT we were all impressed with HER!
A woman of meagre means, Teri feeds, cares and provides comfort for up to 40 homeless small animals at any one time. Teri has taught her children to respect and care about animals and thus has lots of help from her family in terms of keeping the animals safe and comforted.
BMA was so impressed with her kind efforts that we felt compelled to offer Teri some help from our Feeding Program.
Over the summer months Teri has been provided with bags of cat and dog food from some of the full-time residents of Aticama, La Palma, Los Cocos and Santa Cruz. The part-timers of these same pueblos are returning and they too are also kindly remembering our fur ball friends with more donations of quality pet food. Most recently, a resident of San Blas has committed to donating dog food on a monthly basis to help la seņora Teri.
Donations of quality pet food, wet or dry would be most graciously appreciated! Want to sign up for The Monthly Program? Cash donations will not be refused and we promise to show you the receipt for pet food purchases.
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Our sincerest thanks!